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The Bear House (Hardcover)

The Bear House Cover Image
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In a gritty medieval world where the ruling houses are based on the constellations, betrayal, intrigue, and a king's murder force the royal sisters of the Bear House on the run!

Moody Aster and her spoiled sister Ursula are the daughters of Jasper Lourdes, Bear Major and high king of the realm. Rivals, both girls dream of becoming the Bear queen someday, although neither really deserve to, having no particular talent in... well, anything.

But when their jealous Uncle Bram murders their father in a bid for the crown, the girls are forced onto the run, along with lowly Dev the Bearkeeper and the half-grown grizzly Alcor, symbol of their house. As a bitter struggle for the throne consumes the kingdom in civil war—and attracts demonic attention from even darker powers—the sisters must rely on Dev, the bear cub, two mysterious princes from opposing houses, and each other to survive… and find wells of courage, cunning, and skill they never knew they had.

For there are many houses in the Bear Highen—the House of the Hemoth Bear, the House of the White Bear, the House of the Ox, the House of the Lion, the House of the Lynx, the House of Hounds, the House of the Blue Giraffe, and the House of the Shadow Dragon—each of them guided and protected by a ferocious namesake beast. But only one can rule. 

Perfects for fans of Shannon Messenger, Holly Black, John Flanagan, and Diane Magras, this action-packed fantasy-adventure has sky-high stakes, electrifying action, stellar magic, powerful girls, and surprises for even the canniest reader…

“An epic, complex narrative.”—Publishers Weekly
“Stellar… Thrilling… Enchanting.”—Kirkus Reviews
“Truly wonderful.”—School Library Journal
“Magnificent.”—The Canadian Children’s Book Center
A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection



About the Author

Meaghan McIsaac is the author of several books for young readers, including The Boys of Fire and Ash, which was shortlisted for the Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award; and Movers, which was a Shining Willow Finalist for the Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice Awards. Meaghan lives in Toronto, Ontario with her two dogs.

Praise For…

A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection

"Weaves intrigue and adventure. . . . An epic, complex narrative."—Publishers Weekly

"The stellar worldbuilding is both expansive and accessible, and the action never falters. . . . Thrilling adventure set in an enchanting world makes this an easy pick for high fantasy fans."—Kirkus Reviews

"Truly wonderful."—School Library Journal

"Unique and complex. . . . This book features skillful world-building, an action-packed and fast-paced plot, and a magnificent cast of characters that each shine in their own right."—The Canadian Children’s Book Center

"An adventure that just pulls you in and sweeps you along. . . . The perfect book for me, because not only am I a giant astronomy geek, I also happen to love betrayal [and] intrigue. . . . I just didn’t want to put it down."—The Bookwyrm’s Den

"This is a fantastic start to a new middle grade fantasy series. . . . Quite the adventure, full of wonderful characters that are sure to keep the reader’s attention."—Books-a-Plenty Book Reviews

"Truly amazing."—Kait Plus Books

Product Details
ISBN: 9780823446605
ISBN-10: 0823446603
Publisher: Holiday House
Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Pages: 368
Language: English